What We Do:

Recruiting the best-qualified staff for  all key positions is a priority for all senior management and requires time and expertise that is often not available in busy head offices. Moreover, reliance on advertising and databases can never be sure to reach the best-qualified people. This is especially true of IT  professionals, whose work can take them all over the world.
Using appropriately qualified consultants can be the most effective, and sometimes only, way of locating and recruiting experienced staff. Executive search also ensures that clients see only those candidates who match their specific requirements - no other recruiting process achieves this.

  • A proven capacity to conduct successful searches for all kinds of IT professionals on a global basis is Chinmaya Consultants’ core service.

Ethics and professional practices:

Chinmaya Consultants will represent both the client's - and the candidate's - interests in the position in a professional and ethical manner with the utmost confidentiality.